Building Baseball, Basketball, and Softball Teams for Kids Ages 7-18. Our Teams are Designed to Provide ALL Athletes the Opportunity to Play.

Our Teams

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OK gold rush softball

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The Perfect Practice Way

What we provide:

  • Coaches that are unbiased and will provide honest feedback
  • Coaches that are vetted and meet requirements of Perfect Practice, LLC.
  • Guaranteed indoor practice area with 35,000 square feet to work on all aspects of your game
  • Access to 10+ professional private instructors for additional training which is the best way to increase individual growth and development
  • Family friendly, faith-based atmosphere where members not only learn athletic skills, but also life lesson

What we DON'T provide:

  • Not Daddy or Mommy ball
    Our coaches do not have sons or daughters on the team. They are unbiased coaches only interested in helping the players develop and have a positive team experience.
  • Win at all cost
    We are here to help your athlete grow as a player and a person. We play hard, and play to win, but will not jeopardize injury of an individual just to win a game.
  • Athletes having equal playing time
    Playing time is earned, not guaranteed. Just because you paid monthly fees does not mean you are guaranteed to play. Coaches will do everything they can to help each player understand what they need to work on in order to maximize their opportunities on the field.
  • Travel all over the country
    Some programs do this. We do not. There is plenty of competition locally. We might travel 1-2 times each year for fun, but we don’t see the need to travel every weekend and run up hotel and food bills that you don’t need.

Our goal is to provide players the opportunity to play at a level that will stretch their talents and be taught the fundamentals of the game and give them the chance to grow and develop.

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“There may be people that have more talent than you, but theres no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

-Derek Jeter